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M.Tech in Hydraulic and Water Resources Engineering

Hydraulic and Water Resources Engineering

One feature of these systems is the extensive use of gravity as the motive force to cause the movement of the fluids. This area of civil engineering is intimately related to the design of bridges, dams, channels, canals, and levees, and to both sanitary and environmental engineering.

Hydraulic engineering is the application of fluid mechanics principles to problems dealing with the collection, storage, control, transport, regulation, measurement, and use of water. Before beginning a hydraulic engineering project, one must figure out how much water is involved. The hydraulic engineer is concerned with the transport of sediment by the river, the interaction of the water with its alluvial boundary, and the occurrence of scour and deposition.”The hydraulic engineer actually develops conceptual designs for the various features which interact with water such as spillways and outlet works for dams, culverts for highways, canals and related structures for irrigation projects, and cooling-water facilities for thermal power plants.”



Master of Technology Hydraulics and Water Resource Engineering Syllabus

Subjects to be studied in M.Tech. (Hydraulics & Water Resource Engineering)

Semester – 1

Statistical Methods and Queuing Theory

Advanced Hydrology

Advanced Ground Water Hydrology

Water Resources System Analysis

Principles of Remote Sensing

Hydraulic Engineering Laboratory


Flood and Drought Estimation and Management

Semester – 2

Free Surface Flow

Advanced Hydrology Analysis and Design

Adv. Optimization & Sim. of Water Resources Sys.

Environmental Aspects of Water Resources

Hydro Systems Computational Laboratory

Industrial Training


Urban Water Resources Management

Groundwater Modeling and Management

Semester – 3

Elective 5

Elective 6

Elective 7


Industrial Training

Project Work – Phase 1

Semester – 4

Project Phase 2

List of Electives

Microwave remote sensing

Digital Photogrammetry

Advanced Photogrammetry

Advanced cartography

Non-Topographic Photogrammetry

GPS Surveying

Data Base Management System

RS & GIS For Hydrology And Water Resources

RS & GIS for earth sciences

RS & GIS for Environmental Engineering

RS & GIS for Ocean Engg & Coastal Management

RS & GIS for Disaster Management


Eligibility & Admission Process:

  • B.Sc/B.E/B.Tech. in relevant subject with 60% or equivalent CGPA.
  • Some of the very reputed universities and institutes conduct entrance examination to get admission to the degree course.

Colleges for M.Tech in Hydraulic and Water Resources:

  1. National Institute of Technology – NIT Warangal
  2. National Institute of Technology – NIT Karnataka
  3. Indian Institute of Technology – IIT Madras
  4. S.A.S.T.R.A. University
  5. S.R.M. University
  6. Sam Higginbottom Institute of Agriculture Technology and Sciences




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