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MBA in Manufacturing Management

Manufacturing Management program is designed for executives and managers in production and manufacturing operations. Manufacturing today operates in a highly competitive and global environment. The production manager requires sophisticated technical and management skills to compete in the market, which includes managing supply chains, inventory, production processes, technology, quality systems, marketing, logistics, and the environment. This program aims to provide the production manager the needed operational skills, strategies and management know-how to bring people, resources and technology together to create competitive advantage.

The degree program has been developed to fulfill the needs of those who are seeking to obtain an MBA Manufacturing Management degree not usually offered by higher education establishments. The program lays emphasis on the usual administrative managerial aspects rather than the technological scientific aspects of management.

What are the programme objectives?:

This programme aims to provide comprehensive and strong conceptual foundations for planning, managing, and leading manufacturing operations and companies, enhance analytical and critical thinking for planning and implementation.

What are the learning outcomes?:

Upon completion of this programme, learners will gain expertise in concepts such as Inventory Management, Production process planning and control, Quality systems, Logistics, Technology Management and Management & optimization of the supply chain.

What is the eligibility criteria?:

Working professionals holding B.E./ B.Tech./ M.Sc. in relevant disciplines, with a minimum one year of relevant work experience in manufacturing, operations planning, procurement, logistics, product development, quality control, or allied areas.

MBA in Manufacturing Management: Admission Process

The minimum admission criteria for MBA in Production Management is qualification in a relevant entrance examination such as CAT/XAT/MAT or similar examinations. However, some institutes/ colleges offering the course conduct their own entrance tests and run their own selection processes.

Selection is based on the candidate’s performance in such entrance exams as well as the qualifying exam. The exam is followed by a round of counseling for the final admissions.

MBA in Production Management: What is it About?

MBA in Production is principally concerned with the organization of raw material, machinery and labor to produce the intended goods or services along with managing standards in the quality and quantity of the products and services produced. The Candidates are taught to be responsible for production schedule and staffing, procurement and maintenance of equipment, quality control and coordination of production activities among the different departments.

Candidates are professionally trained in general business management areas, as well as in the firm understanding of methods and practices in modern productions and operations management.

Some of the objectives of the course are to:

  • Produce the appropriate- quality goods
  • Maximize output of goods, with minimum cost
  • Ensure smooth and efficient operation
  • Maximize profit

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