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MBA in Finance

MBA in Finance

Finance remains the most popular focus sought by MBA applicants applying to business school. Jobs in finance, particularly in investment banking, have traditionally been the most popular career track for MBA graduates. Top schools such as Wharton, Chicago, NYU and London Business School have typically sent at least 60 percent of graduates to financial services and investment banking firms each year. However, with over 350,000 jobs lost globally in the financial sector since 2008, schools whose links to the finance industry are not as strong have struggled to place their graduates in the sector. With signs in 2011 of an increase in global MBA hiring, this is an important time for schools to maintain their perception amongst financial services employers.

Why MBA?: MBA is one of the most renowned and recognized degree in the world and it continues to grow.  Any organization be it a public sector or a private sector, an NGO or a government job needs people who have done MBA. Most companies require MBA for their management positions.

Finance as a Specialization: When we talk about MBA specialization, Finance is the most popular choice among the students. Students who graduate in commerce or those who have an inclination towards the financial sector opt for MBA Finance.  The finance department is the core department of any organization so the demand for finance professionals is increasing as a result more and more students are opting for a specialized degree in finance.

Need for MBA Finance: The challenges faced by companies to date are far different from those faced in the past, and hence they require recruits that have a deep understanding and knowledge of the markets and its financial trends and is able to take decisions quickly. Hence someone who holds a degree in MBA finance has an advantage from someone who is an ordinary MBA.

MBA Finance includes: An MBA with a concentration in Finance is a degree which focuses towards the financial sector with the extensive learning of subjects like Costing, Budgeting, International Finance, Corporate Finance, working Capital management, securities and investments etc. Once you study and master these subjects you become proficient to work in any financial department of any organization.

Requirements: In order to pursue MBA in Finance, you must have the graduation in any stream. There is no separate Test for MBA Finance- you need to take any general MBA entrance examination Like CAT, MAT, CMAT etc. There are many colleges in India and abroad which offer MBA in finance.  Some of the top MBA colleges in India offering MBA in Finance include IIM (Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Calcutta, and Lucknow), SP Jain, and Symbiosis Centre for Management and Human Resource Development, etc.

Scope of MBA Finance: Once you complete your MBA with specialization in Finance then can work in any financial department of an organization. Finance professionals are in high demand for planning the financial strategies for the company.  After obtaining your degree, you may opt to be a financial analyst, corporate controller, chief financial officer, company treasurer, risk, and insurance manager, investment banker, management consultant, credit specialist etc. The number of opportunities in this field is endless because of the massive scope of finance management. Finance jobs are exciting and offer tremendous job satisfaction in addition to high pay package.

Career Oppurtunities

A Masters in Finance Management from SMU-DE has helped learners undertake positions pertaining to different aspects of Finance such as international financial institutions, stock markets, foreign exchange markets, consultancy companies and so on. They are proving their value worth in multiple industries alike. Some of the titles they hold include:

  • Financial analyst
  • Financial consultant
  • Financial Manager
  • Investment Analyst
  • Corporate Treasurer
  • Tax Inspector
  • Financial Trader
  • Financial Risk Manager
  • Corporate Finance Management
  • Healthcare Finance Management


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